How Does a Supervillain Die on Halloween Night?

A few Hoegaardens to help forget this year

Too soon the bar menace show who really care

One-man renaissance, two with the mask he wear

Tracks more feared than a tennis shoe to the rear

Scratch the pen at both ends on the best crime spree

Snatch the gems for denizens, don’t test the limey

Rhymes which stymie Reed, style switch sets the prime tree

Time lapse to catch the nine holder, try as they might cheat

They don’t match his wine beats or trash sign folder

Vault stash to mine gold as the mic goes colder

One step to get the next best thing

Spin with gin n’ blin and sing

Saint of five thousand hotties who hear the song

Tear the thong and ran threw more bodies than Marathon

Now comes the proof for thrillin’ icon following flight

How does a supervillain die on Halloween night?

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